Wortec Brake Upgrade
Wortec Brake Upgrade

Wortec Brake Upgrade
Wortec Brake Upgrade

Wortec Brake Upgrade
Wortec Brake Upgrade


Performance Brakes

We guarantee to deliver-

  • Excellent value for money, because we will only recommend big upgrade kits if they will actually work for your own requirements and driving style. Very often a simple and inexpensive tweak will be all you need to get your brakes working how you want them to

  • Improved stopping power (meaning less pedal pressure is required to achieve the required rate of retardation)

  • Better “pedal feel” enabling you to brake more smoothly and consistently

  • Eliminating brake fade – even on fast tracks that require a lot of heavy braking

  • ARDS qualified coaching on braking techniques – which work on the road as well as the track – is available on all our track days, either in your own car or one of our specially prepared Zenos and Zentrack brake demonstrator vehicles.


Step 1 – Don’t spend any money without talking to us first!

Step 2 – We can discuss your requirements to understand exactly what you want to improve and check the set up of your existing brake package free of charge.

Step 3 – We can then advise you on the options available to improve the braking performance of your car, with prices starting at just £69.99 for a brake service with new “DOT 5” track spec brake fluid, right through to bespoke design and manufacture of complete brake packages for specific cars like the Wortec brakes pictured here, designed and manufactured specifically for the Zenos E10.

Upgraded Brake Packages

I’ve had quite a few conversations about what we have done to improve the brakes on our Zenos E10s (used on track for instructing at circa 25 track days a year for the past two and a half years) so I’ve put together a summary of what we are now fitting and the reasons why……

Our main objective was to get the car to slow down more efficiently, and with less pedal pressure being required to achieve the retardation we wanted – especially at quick tracks like Silverstone.

We also wanted to find a solution that gave the pedal more “feel” so that it was easier to modulate the pedal pressure to avoid front wheels locking up, especially in the wet. Making the front brakes bite harder without improving the rears will actually make the car much less stable under heavy braking, and probably quite dangerous in an emergency stop situation as the fronts will lock up almost immediately, especially in damp/wet/slippery conditions. Improving the fronts without improving the rears will also cause the rear of the car to move about quite a bit and feel quite unstable when being driven enthusiastically.


So, the most important thing to do is to get the rear brakes to provide more of the braking. On the standard set up the front brakes are doing probably 70 to 80% of the work (depending on what pads you are running) which means they will get too hot if worked hard.


Provided you have the 4 pot front calipers on your car you don’t need to upgrade the front calipers or discs for fast road and occasional track use, just make sure you have fitted decent pads such as pagid or ferodo that are of the right grade to suit your driving style and the front brakes should be fine. If you doubt this, just consider the fact that the front caliper/disc combo works absolutely fine on many cars that are considerably heavier and in some cases more powerful than a Zenos!


The big gain in brake performance, with better stopping power plus a more consistent pedal with better feel and more stability at the rear of the car will come by improving the rear braking – so how best to do this?


There are 2 options available currently:


Option one: Import the rear caliper and disc from the mustang, and manufacture a “fitting kit” (which would involve having brackets made and modifying the rear uprights that carry the hub) so that all the parts bolt together properly, and whoever fits the kits can confirm to the customer that the kit has been extensively tested and is fit for purpose.

Option two: Fit a Wortec 4 piston rear caliper mounted to a 322mm floating disc, which has been developed specifically for the Zenos and has been properly tested/signed off for use both on road and on track.

The difference in cost for the two options is negligible so for me it is simply a question of which one works best, and which one has the scope to be improved further if required (for example to be fitted to cars running on slicks or with upgraded power outputs)…….

When you consider the “contact patch” of the pads available in each option


It is clear that the Wortec route allows a much larger surface area to be used which not only provides more friction but also better heat dissipation, and we are able to order different pad compounds to suit our customers requirements (at very reasonable cost) so it’s the solution we are recommending.

The OEM caliper is retained for hand brake function only.

As the calipers are matched (We just need to tell Wortec which master cylinder you have as two different sizes were fitted to cars) the pedal feel is also excellent (for a non servo car) with a very nice progressive feel.

We have been advising on/fitting/running big brake kits from manufacturers like AP and Brembo for over 20 years and when you see the quality and manufacturing process for the Wortec brakes (and factor in the price – the rear kit is £1,190 + vat and fitting) they really do, in our opinion, offer the best value for money by a long way currently.

We have also fitted the front kit, as pictured below, at a cost of £1,380 + vat and fitting. which is also very good value when you understand the quality – cold forged calipers, stainless steel pistons and fittings, fully floating discs and ductile brackets etc etc.


Brake Upgrades

We can discuss your requirements to understand exactly what you want to improve and check the set up of your existing brake package free of charge.



We are pleased to confirm that we will be offering Nitron NTR dampers in our suspension upgrade packages for both Zenos and Zentrack chassis



Zentrack can offer full design, manufacture and installation of chassis and roll cages for any car and we are also happy to fit roll cages supplied by customers if required.


Engine Tuning

Zentrack tuning packages for 2.3 Ford Ecoboost engines. Available on all new Zentrack car orders, and can be offered as an upgrade package on cars fitted with a 2.3 ecoboost engine.

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Heat Management

Funk Motorsport are one of our supply partners and are heat management specialists. With a wide range of thermal products available from them, we are able to help you protect against the dangers of heat.