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We are pleased to announce the launch of the Zentrack A1, which will be officially unveiled in 2020. Test drives can be booked from October. The main features of the car are:


Very low weight (from 640 kgs)


An exceptionally strong and safe tubular T45 chassis that can be built to full FIA/MSA requirements for customers that want to go racing


Aerodynamic bodywork in either a short wheel base two seat (LHD or RHD) or long wheel base 3 seat (central drivers seat) layout.


Power options from 280 bhp to 500 bhp depending on customer requirements.


Priced from £29,995 plus VAT.

Zentrack at Brands Hatch GP circuit

Managing Director John Avery explains:

“The Zentrack project began in late 2015, following extensive discussions with Mark Edwards (then MD of Zenos cars) around taking a Zenos E10R road car and turning it into a proper race car, and then to be able to offer various upgrade packages to existing and future owners of Zenos road cars.

The Zenos platform was extremely stiff and light, yet the cars – even in their most extreme state of tune with around 350 bhp – were very easy to drive with an incredibly supple and comfortable ride. The most impressive things about the handling were the exceptional mechanical traction even in damp/wet conditions, and the wonderful steering and turn –in especially on track, so we were sure we had excellent foundations to build on.

From the start of the project I wanted to build a car that combined the thrills of an Ariel Atom with the handling and road manners of a Lotus Exige, but at a very competitive price.

We set benchmarks for the power to weigh ratio, suspension quality and various other elements to ensure that we could say to potential customers “go and try a Caterham/Ariel Atom/lotus etc then come and drive our car  – you will be very pleasantly surprised by the performance and value for money!”

We began development work in early 2016, designing bespoke parts where they were needed – for instance the front brakes – and using recognised high end components – such as NITRON NTR dampers – where we felt the increase in performance justified the extra cost.

We also designed two versions of a full roll cage and strengthened many of the zenos components such as suspension brackets/mounting points and created more aerodynamic bodywork.

Whilst doing the CAD for the two versions of the roll cage it quickly became apparent that we could achieve the chassis stiffness and safety that we needed without retaining the central aluminium beam that underpins the Zenos, so the chassis design moved in a different direction, and the unique three part  “Zentrack” chassis was created, which comfortably exceeds our targets for weight and strength, as well as being easy to assemble and repair.

What started as a project to take a Zenos E10 “R” and create “RS” and “RSR” versions for hard core drivers has now turned into a completely different car with the emphasis on speed and on track performance, but that can still be driven comfortably on the road. 

We will be releasing more details and pictures over the coming weeks and we do hope you will follow our progress and come and try a car on one of our trackdays soon.

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